Monday, July 2, 2012

Day one...OMG

( I made chinese rice the day before yummy)

I woke up and my morning started kind of rocky, I over ate the day before(well the whole week lol) and took to many medication which my body didn't tolerate. Woke up felt the nausia coming but like a trooper went ahead and made my morning smoothy. I drank half a cup couldn't keep it down and the same thing happend when I tried to drink the rest. I ended up having my breakfast/lunch at almost 6pm. Then around 10pm I had my dinner, overall day not good. The reason why I say this is because I didn't have a consistant day of drinking juice and eating nuts I had to cheat, I made lipton soup. Just to make things real clear here I didn't get sick because of the juicing but because of my meds. My program should consist of drinking min. 3-4 and inbetween eat nuts for snacks and I'm adding tea. But I am optimistic that tomorrow will be a better and brighter day. I also want to start meditating but that will have to wait until my body is some what adjusted to its new routine. Anywho I weigh myself and I'm currently at 191lbs, I still need to measure myself. I took the before pictures but those I won't show until the 60 days are up. I also took pictures of my face without makeup to see the difference in skin and how doing this better it.

(all the bad foods were thrown away, I will miss you not really, lol)

(healthy fridge: veggies, fruits, drinking and mineral water)

Ok well of to bed since I have to wake up early and take my doggie Sofi to the vet because she got into to the cactus and her face is swollen. Two years renting this house and the month we leave she gets hurts by the cactus, like the song says isn't it ironic don't you think, lol.



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