Friday, September 21, 2012

My journey to Texas....

( my trusty co-pilot Sofi)

I want to say I decided to leave on Monday August 27th, but that would be a lie. Actually I wanted to leave that Sunday but because of many circumstances, one of them being the Republican convention, there were no moving trucks. The other event that was going on in our area at the time was a visit from Issac the hurricane. But after 24 long hours of driving by myself and trying to out run a hurricane me and my faithful co-pilot made it safe and not so very sound to Texas. However I have to say that even though the trip was not a walk in the park it showed me how fearless I am. If I can drive from Florida to Texas I can drive anywhere, of course that is if I have my best friend GPS with me.

To put the cherry on top of my life ice cream right now I'm staying with a family member that hates dogs. But not all is bad on this journey of mine, me and my roommates found the perfect house for us. Ah and how can I forget we have a new pet that found us while we were walking under a blue full moon. A beautiful all dark gray kitten followed us home, we named her Blue. All in all I think I'm going to enjoy living here. In my opinion it has the perfect blend of quiet country living and bustling city life. I even like the city scape better than Tampa's city scape. I still have to find a job which hopefully I will do soon. I set myself many goals for when I came to live here in Texas, goals that will make me happy. Today I achieve a very important goal that puts me in the direct path to the things I want. I got accepted to a very good culinary art school. I had to submit many applications and and an essay, take several test but I made it and just at the last minute too. I wonder what's next for me and my sidekick's Sofi and Blue? I think what ever comes it will be exciting and fun because we deserve it. Till next next time oh readers who ever you are.