Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soda substitute

I've never been a soda addict like so many people now a days but from time to time I craved the bubbles. Being a diabetic soda and concetrated juices are basically poison to me. When I found out I was diabetic I immediatly stop drinking sodas and juices leaving only water and 2% milk safe for me to drink. But I'm determined to look for healthier and satisfying options out there. I did find the perfect (in my humble opinion) substitute for soda. It has no carbs no sugar and zero calories and just as satifying. My mother started drinking these but I've never wanted to taste them, they looked questionable to me : ). One day though I did taste one and it was refreshing, it quenched my thirst and satisfied my craving for bubbles. I had my cousin Michelle taste them and now we're both obsessed with them. I really do contirbute a big part of drinking these mineral waters with losing my weight. They can be found at wal-mart, spanish stores and even some gas stations like Shell. If you get them at wal-mart they sell a case of 12 for $7 or singles for .88c. I really do invite you to taste and substitute this drink with your regular high sugar, high calorie drinks and see the differance. Until next time.

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